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A large,dark,tall grassed forest extended far into the north.Caves dappled the area and all of the cave's had differnt scents.One that attracted the most attention at this point was one that smelled of puppies.Small yapping sounds were heard inside of the cave and tiny paws were running around.Inside the cave were three puppies.

The first born's name was spot who was pure white with large spots covering his body,he also had a farely long tounge.Both of his eyes were multi colored.

The second born's name was rosey.She was all brown with a slightly whitened chest and light blue eyes.Her right eye though was a bit lazy and her tail was only a stub.

And the last born was a runty dark brown,white,and black flecked puppy who's name was dagger.His right eye was dark blue and his left eye was pink.He also had big floppy ears,and his right paw was twisted.The strange thing about his right paw though was that it had a birthmark on it in the shape of a eagle wing.

Dagger ran to the end of the cave and hid in a corner prepareing to ambush his sister.Finally he spotted rosey running towards the end of the cave and she looked blindly around trying to find him.Leaping he landed on his sister and laughed as she gave a startled yelp.''Gotcha!" he barked happily and nipped her ear gently.She giggled and rolled over and started to run when he let go of her back.Dashing after her he went to jump but collided into spot who growled at him and swiped at him with his paw.Dagger yelped in pain when one of spot's claws caught him on the nose.And he crouched with his tail inbetween his legs scared of what else his brother would do."I-it was an accident spot i-i didnt mean to." he whimpered covering his face with his paws."It better have been or next time you'll get a beating you little runt." spot growled and padded off.Dagger lifted his head slowly and watched spot pad away.He flattened his ears and looked at his paws watching as little scarlet droplets dripped from his nose.Ever since he was born spot had hated dagger for his small size and such.He picked at him,embarresed him,got him in trouble,even clawed at him such as know.'i cant wait until mama gets home.' dagger thought sniffleing."Are you ok dagger?" a female pups voice sounded in his ear.At first he thought it was his sister but looking up he saw it was valentine one of his best friends beside's his sister."Oh y-yeah im fine." he barked and got to his paws."Your nose its bleeding what happened!? was it spot?! if it was im gonna give him the beatin' of a lifetime." she growled and pretened to fight with spot."Oh its fine he just clawed me thats all nothin' to serious." he reassured her and licked the blood off his nose."Well you better tell your mom when she come's back from hunting she'll surely get real mad at spot then." she barked smiling."Yeah she usually does." he said and spotted his sister wagging her stub witch actually made her hindquarters shake."I think my moms back come on." he barked and ran to the entrance of the den.Valentine followed her quick;ly behind her long claws propelling her faster at every bound.Sitting by the entrance dagger saw his mom pad through the tall grass carrying a large rabbit and a fawn in her mouth.Dagger was about to call to her but was thrown to the ground as spot pushed infront of him."OUCH!!"dagger yelped as he hit his head off the side of the cave."Oop's sorry it was an accident." spot barked sarcasticlly.Dagger stumbled to his paws the side of his head bleeding."You know what spot im sick and tired of you treating me like a piece of crowfood and im done!! what did i ever do to you!?" he growled standing up to his brother for the first time."What did you do?" spot barked looking at him."You were born." spot growled at him clearly not hearing their mom padding over to them and gasping as she heard what he said."Spot how dare you say that to you're little brother." she growled in the most ferocious tone any of the pups had ever heard her."Say your sorry!" She ordered."But mom!" spot protested "KNOW!" she growled bareing her teeth as if she were a night sector battler ready to eat him."Im sorry dagger." spot whimpered clearly terrified of how his mom was looking at him."Good know are you ok dagger?" their mom asked looking at him her voice changing to a very gentle and calm sound."No im not ok and i probably never will be." dagger said his eyes filling with tears.Turning he dashed all the way to the back of the cave and nestled down in the darkest corner there was."I'll show him oh i'll show him someday he'll get a peice of his medicine then will see who should'nt have been born." dagger growled with the most furious voice to ever be heard he even shocked himself by how inraged he sounded.

Chapter 1 by ghoststar321

So im finally countinueing my story! i dont have a name for it yet but i do have a name for the planet.I call it zentaria!!
So in this chapter it describes dagger who was born a runt and is absoulutly hated by his brother spot.
He's only friends with his sister rosey and his other friend valentine.
As you can see as i described in the beginning these pups belong to the cave sector.
Please let me know if anything should be fixed or if i should've added something!
Thx 4 reading
Introduction: [link]
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lexxi-13 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
GREAT JOB!!!! :love: But where spot and daggers mum screams and spot coz she over heard him being mean to dagger and she yells "NOW" (thats the part where shes like say sorry. You accidentally wrote KNOW so other than that lol it was awesome and the picture is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! :heart: Maybe next time you should write it first in Word the put it into devianart :D
ghoststar321 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ooooohhh ok
yeah i have problems with the know word and now lol
and i got the pic from my ipod touch witch i downloaded onto my computer with some other pics im gonna use for the story :)
Nutrea Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011   Traditional Artist
I like!
ghoststar321 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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